Birth Assistant Workshop

The birth assistant workshop is aimed at women who want to work as midwifery assistants in homebirth or out-of-hospital settings. Birth Assistants can work in home birth or free-standing birth centers throughout the U.S. under the supervision of a certified or licensed midwife.


Areas covered are:


  • Performing and recording maternal and newborn vital signs

  • Blood pressure, Fetal Heart tones, temperature,

  • Learning how to use medical equipment

  • Understanding Labor & Delivery

  • Drawing up injectable medications for administration;

  • Administering herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies per midwife’s order;

  • Labor support, providing comfort needs;

  • Assisting the midwife with suturing, handling of sterile equipment;

  • Understanding and Assigning APGARS;

  • Care and coordination of placenta

  • Basics to herbs and methods to a smooth birth

  • Universal precautions

Practice with equipment and technique will be done and a final exam given at the end of the last day.

Birth Assistant workshop $500

Attending 7 births post workshop, 25 clinical hours and NRP & CPR is required to receive final certification

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