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About the Natural BirthWorks Team


Gelena Hinkley, LM CPM (Natural BirthWorks Partner)

Gelena Hinkley is a professional midwife who studied under the tutelage of renowned Midwife, Shari Daniels, at the International School of Midwifery in Miami. It is there that Gelena completed the Direct-Entry Midwifery program. Gelena is a Licensed Midwife (LM) by the Florida Department of Health and certified as a Professional Midwife (CPM). She also has continued her studies in herbalism and has completed several certificates as an herbalist.

She is also the owner and creator of Midwife 101, an online childbirth class series and co-owner of Natural BirthWorks. Gelena puts a high priority on educating her expectant mothers (and partners) about the natural labor process and caring for baby after the birth. Aside from her love of midwifery, Gelena also enjoys helping moms learn simple ways to live and stay as earth-friendly as possible. Her love for nature allows herself, her husband, and her children to live a simple, healthy and green lifestyle. “My goal is to provide the best care for expecting mothers so they can experience a peaceful and natural birth with the help of a midwife. My philosophy is built around three elements: nurturing, educating and empowering families. I believe and embrace the process of pregnancy, labor, and birth as a women’s rite of passage.  I strive to ensure future parents are aware of all of their birthing options, and the importance of the natural progress of labor.”

Sandy headshot.jpg

Sandra Lobaina, LM, IBCLC (Natural BirthWorks Partner)

A Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Mother to two amazing  boys who inspire her every day. Sandra attended school at the International School of Midwifery in which she completed January 2010. She has been helping mothers for over 16 years and has attended over  1200 births in which she observed, coached, assisted or managed the deliveries. Her passion as a birth worker has empowered her to push through many obstacles. Early in her career, Sandra worked at the Miami-Dade County WIC & Nutrition program, where she gave one on one support to mothers and their new babies. It has always been an important mission to understand cultural diversities in breastfeeding and why it can negatively impact mothers in her community. Being a  Hispanic minority she is passionate about educating and assisting communities who experience cultural boundaries and stigmas.   Every year she contributes and hosts The BIG Latch On in Miami alongside WIC & Healthy Start Coalition of Miami-Dade County for World Breastfeeding awareness. She is the Co-founder of Natural Birthworks Birthing Center and is one of the lead Midwifery providers. She is the founder of My Mom Glow where she provides in office, at home or virtual lactation consultations and also hosts breastfeeding and pumping classes.  Her mission and passion is  to provide support, education and encouragement to all families.

Our Certified Birth Assistants

*all our assistants are certified through our NBW training workshop


Jennifer Stein (birth assistant/midwifery student)


Hi! My name is Jennifer Stein. I'm the proud mother of 3 incredible daughters and I have them to thank for my passion for all things birth. Specifically, supporting, educating and advocating for women and their families.

It was not until my first pregnancy that I discovered the importance of women supporting women. Being a doula since 2015, I would like to share my experience to support you and your partner during your birth journey. It is important to me to understand what your vision is for your birth day. It would be my honor to support you on your journey.

Myla 2021 Doula.heic

Myla Maslych (birth assistant)

Myla is a Certified Birth Assistant (BA) since 2018, a Birth Doula (IDI) and a mother of 5 children. She felt that everything about birth is her calling after she delivered her first son in 1997. Since then, she helps pregnant women and new parents by educating, providing helpful resources, supporting during pregnancy and postpartum period. She is also a Lactation Counselor (FSU SPEIP) helping women to know all the benefits of breastfeeding and to succeed in it. She knows how important support at every step of motherhood is, and always takes into consideration all of the family members' needs and expectations. Besides English she also speaks Ukrainian, Russian and Italian. Myla strongly believes in Spinning Babies methods and in Hypnobirthing approach. She works with families in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.


*our doulas are contracted with NBW all are certified with separate outside Doula training organizations


Serene Gato (doula/birth assistant)

My name is Serene and I am a Certified Birth Assistant (BA), Birth Doula (Bcd), HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator (HBCE) and self-proclaimed birth nerd. I have a deep love for educating everyone about the power of the birthing body, with the hopes of restoring our culture's confidence in the ability to bring babies into the world calmly and safely. I approach every pregnancy and birth with an open mind and a full heart because every birth teaches me something new. 

Above all else, I value autonomy, love, and support: a birthing person’s right to their autonomy, always leaving space for love between the birthing person, their birth partner, and their baby, and supporting the birthing person and their team for all-around empowering experiences.

I proudly serve families from Lake Worth to North Miami, FL.


Kari Yazejian (doula/birth assistant)

Kari is a Certified Doula (CPLD) and Birth Assistant (BA) who is passionate about helping others have the most rewarding birth possible. Her goal is to help you navigate and protect your birth and postpartum journey. She believes that everyone should have access to support and whether you choose to birth at the hospital, a birth center or at home she is ready to support you. She wholeheartedly trusts every woman's abilities and right to birth her baby between science and sacred. She relies on evidence-based information while valuing the wisdom of the women before us. She firmly believes in building a supportive village, whole body wellness and the mind/body connection. She is skilled in:

  • Lactation Support

  • Herbalism

  • Hypno-birthing

  • Spinning Babies

  • Baby wearing

  • Cloth diapering

  • Reiki practitioner (energy healing modality)

  • Certified Birth Assistant (BA)

  • CPR and NRP Certified

She accepts Medicaid clients through The Doula Network. Kari is a native of South Florida and happily serves N Miami, Broward and S Palm Beach. 


She looks forward to helping you achieve your ideal birth.

Renata rosa_edited.jpg

Renata Rosa (doula)

My name is Renata Rosa. I am originally from Brazil and I have been blessed to live in the USA since 2005. In addition to speaking English, I also have the privilege of speaking Portuguese. I fell in love with births and postpartum care in 2010, when I provided support to my friend in the birth and postpartum care of her first child. But it wasn’t until 2013, when I had my son and a amazing support from my doula, that I understood the impact of that kind of support for a family in such an important moment of their life. I officially became a birth and postpartum doula in January of 2017, receiving training through DONA.I strive to be a warm and supportive presence as parents create a birth they will always remember. I am comfortable and experienced with whatever birthing environment you choose to have. When I am not doulaing, I absolutely love spending time with my family and learning new things.


Dudley Philistin (doula)

Dudley Philistin is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and has been in the healthcare industry for 15 years. She has been in the medical tourism industry since 2019 and is currently master Colombia trained and certified in ( Post-operative care| Lymphatic Drainage Massages| Body Contouring| Wood therapy). She has acquired training and certifications from Broward College Entrepreneurial Experience (BCEx), YWCA South Florida’s WE360 program, Southern Birth Justice Network (SBJN),  BMIHEC Pilot Doula Program at Jackson Memorial Hospital to name a few. Dudley has also received acknowledgment and awards for her exceptional devotion to attending to patients’ needs.

When she’s not taking care of patients, she’s being a mother to her son Phoenix who was 7 months in the belly when she started Queenfidence Recovery Services. The beautiful birth of Phoenix has inspired Dudley to venture into birthwork. Dudley is also the founder of sister company “Queenfidence Birth Worker” where she specializes in full spectrum holistic birthwork (doula).


Alexandra J Fleur (doula)

Hello there! My name is Alexandra but i go by Alex.  I was born in Haiti to a family of male and female birth workers and healers that gifted me their teachings and knowledge around birth. Over the years i became a full spectrum doula specializing in first time family hospital birth and postpartum healing care and support. Including Haitian herbal bath, postpartum massage, closing of the bones ceremony, placenta encapsulation and daytime and overnight infant care and family support. Through nurturing, nutrition and connection i hope to leave each family with the confidence and courage that this journey is meant for them and there is a community of people that want to help.

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