Lactation Services

In office Lactation Consultation:

-No time limit for a consult
-Includes a complete maternal & infant health history
-Physical assessment of the mother’s breast and the infant’s mouth
-Weight check for the infant if needed, that would include pre-and post-feeding weight
-Hands-on or off guidance & support throughout feedings during the consult
-Breast pumps & pumping if going back to work
-Breastfeeding plan designed based upon the consult
-Follow up call at 24 hours and 3 days following our consult
-Follow up visit (only if needed for weight or supply issues) no extra charge.

Price: $160

-In-Home Lactation Consultation: $175 (Miramar & as far North as Coral Springs)

Virtual Lactation Consultation:  

-Here is what you need:
-Skype installed on your computer
-a webcam
-call to schedule a minimum of 24 hours before
-fill out the client information form sent to you when you schedule an appt and email back before the consult   -Include your Skype name in the confirmation email  so I can call you at our scheduled consult time -Please position your webcam so that I can watch you and your baby nurse
Not familiar with Skype? It is a free service that allows you to make video calls. It’s free to download. Here is the link, if you need to download it: Skype.

Price: $75

Breastfeeding 101 & Baby Care 

A class designed to help you prepare for breastfeeding
-What are the advantages of breastfeeding
-How to prepare for breastfeeding
-Getting started the right way
-Positions and correct latch
-Overcoming obstacles
-When to call a Lactation Consultant
-The first 6 weeks

Price: $40

Pumping 101 

A class for woman going back to work and need help preparing breast milk.
Topics include:
-How to choose the right pump for you,
-what to know before you purchase,
-when to start pumping to go back to work,
-how to pump, how to store milk, how to prepare, and thaw out breast milk
-how to figure out a schedule right for you

Price: $35

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a health care professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. An IBCLC is certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners®, Inc.

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