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An exhausting but rewarding field

The call comes in at 2am after a full day of clinic and tending to your family once you get home. Up you go, throw your scrubs on, grab your supplies and run out the door. You arrive at a mom 8cm, and 2 hours later a baby is born. You're there to ensure a safe delivery and you monitor them after birth so you know everyone is doing well. You get back home around 10am, the house is up and the day begins again without missing a beat.

The call comes in at 3:30pm, you're planning your child's birthday event. You quickly give your partner a rundown of events, throw the food at them and pray the house is standing when you get back home. You arrive at a mom 5cm, and the baby is born 12hrs later. You facetime the family sing Happy Birthday, and continue monitoring your mom in labor. You get home at 7am, the alarm goes off for school. You wake them up, get them ready, ask how the party was and apologize you missed it. The day continues without missing a beat.

This is the life of a Midwife. Sure we miss a lot but the rush you feel when you head to a birth is addictive. The joy of seeing a woman become a mother in the most natural state, as the universe intended, this is what we live for. Life is full of sacrifice but you ask any Midwife and they'll have it no other way.

PS: We occasionally do get down time & family time. Made possible when you have a great team around you to help & back you up when needed.

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