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Benefits of a Chiropractor While Pregnant

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Visiting a chiropractor while pregnant can be invaluable to your journey to delivery. By definition,

chiropractic care focuses on maintaining spine health and correcting misalignment that could

cause pain or other physical health issues.

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that growing a baby can be an uncomfortable

experience. Your back is constantly compensating for your burgeoning front, which can place

extra stress on your spine and joints.

The good news is that relief may be within your reach — before your bundle of joy makes their

appearance. Consider the benefits of visiting a chiropractor while pregnant:

Relieve Back, Neck, and Joint Pain

At least half of all pregnant women experience back pain at some point during their pregnancy.

Of the ones who visit a chiropractor while pregnant, three out of four do so in an effort to relieve pain naturally.

When the spine is misaligned, the nerves running through your spine become confined or even

crushed, which prevents them from working as effectively as possible. Misalignments also put

your body in odd positions that create unnecessary pressure and stress, both of which can

cause pain.

Chiropractors use a variety of spinal manipulation techniques to adjust misalignments that could

be contributing to your pain.

Reduce Time of Labor and Delivery

When the body is in its proper position, you’re able to function the way nature intended. Studies

show that women who receive chiropractic care while pregnant experience 24% shorter births

for first children and up to 33% shorter births for subsequent children. The earlier you begin

chiropractic care, the better chance you have of reducing time spent in labor and delivery.

Improve Nausea

If you experience nausea during pregnancy, you may have a spinal misalignment that is

preventing your body from functioning as normal. Misalignments can impact specific nerves

designed to do specific jobs, and when those nerves are comprised, they manifest in a variety of

health issues.

Chiropractic improves overall nerve system function that can have a positive impact on many

areas of your health, including digestion, sleep, stress, etc.

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