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Planning and Prepping for Birth

The anticipation, the patience, the planning and preparation. At the beginning your mind goes through different scenarios and tries to imagine what it will be like to meet your baby. You envision the setting and atmosphere of how they will be born. You choose your provider and create your team. You know you want as much support as possible and you carefully pick the people you trust. As you get closer you read, take classes and do everything you possibly can to learn all about preparing for the big day. You have friends giving you advice and family giving you tips but with everything, you still have a vision on how you want to meet your baby. As you get closer your body starts to change and prepare. The closer you get the more you feel your baby lower in your belly. Each day you feel tightness and discomfort. You feel heavy and have a sense of transformation. You have moments where you think, “this is it”! Then you relax and your body rests again.

The day finally arrives and after all this time, planning and prep, you think it can’t be and are in denial. Then, the surges are stronger more intense until alas! You surrender and accept that you are in labor. You allow yourself to be in the moment and go with the flow. You ride each wave and go deep into your focused zone. Your breathing and swaying and now your mind is only thinking of one thing. That one thing is getting through labor . You say, I just want to meet my baby and be done. Your team supports you by encouraging words and showing you love. Your provider tells you how much you are progressing and what an amazing job your doing. You think to yourself, “this will never end”. Or, “I can’t do it “. Then labor is so intense you say, “I want to give up”! Little do you know your baby is almost here. Your pushing and breathing and before you know it you look down and have this beautiful tiny baby in your arms! The emotions fill the room and you are overcome with happiness and relief. You did it! The moment you meet your baby you realize the journey and all the hard work was so worth it. It’s a feeling you’ll never forget and will always appreciate.

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