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Post Dates Journey

As Midwives we believe in allowing the body to do what it’s meant to when it’s meant to do it. This can be challenging when the weeks are getting closer and closer to 42 and there’s no indication of labor. This is especially hard for a mother who’s had a baby before and birthed early. Having this experience makes her question things, doubt her body and even feel like the baby will never come. The important thing to remember is this is the new baby’s journey too. They are always so different and want to have their own story to tell. The feeling of defeat and being tired of being pregnant is a normal one for many. It can be an emotional battle within your mind. Sometimes, even us Midwives may question the natural process and doubt things too. We are trained to respect & listen to a mothers body but we will listen to the baby as well. Sometimes the baby is saying something that we may not know but listening and trusting our knowledge, experience and instincts are important. Mother’s go over their “estimated due date” all of the time. That’s why it’s called estimated, because it’s not set in stone. As long as this mother & baby are being properly monitored in the post dates and everything/everyone is healthy then it’s ok to let the body have the extra time. Trust the process and surrender to it. The mind is very powerful and once you let go and release any preconceived notion’s or expectations you will be amazed at how powerful your body truly is.

A special thank you to this beautiful momma who has been on this journey with us before and trusted us and herself to birth her baby at NBW.

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