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Posterior Babies

Posterior baby's can take a long time to be born. This is because their head is now a wider diameter to fit through the pelvis. This baby shown here was born in the posterior position but his momma had a long difficult pushing stage. She had some intense back pain throughout but was actively changing positions and opening her pelvis to help him come down. It is not always any issue for some mothers but can be very uncomfortable for others. During the pregnancy, good posture and exercises are recommended to encourage baby stay in an optimal position for birth. A few ways you can feel your baby is in the Posterior position is your baby's back will feel hard and rounded to the far back side of your tummy. Your belly button might sink in when you are on your back and you may feel some back pain. You'll probably feel more kicks on the front of your tummy and typically your provider will be able to palpate and tell you what position they are in. Ways to help your baby get out of this position are getting adjusted by the chiropractor that can encourage the baby to stay anterior. Sitting up and forward with support from pillows not slouching when relaxing. Wrapping your belly while walking around to keep everything supported and aligned and doing your well woman exercises every day to keep the muscles and ligaments nice and loose. While as many as 34 percent of babies are posterior when labor starts, only 5 to 8 percent of them are posterior at birth. It's common for a baby's position to change during labor, often more than once. Most babies rotate on their own to the anterior position before birth but some have trouble doing so depending on space, fluid etc. It's always a good idea to learn some spinning babies techniques as these are specifically designed for optimal positioning of the baby before and during labor begins. Staying active, keeping good posture and collaborating with your providers who are well trained in helping you through this time is essential to a positive experience.

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