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Support from the Partner

Support from your partner can be one of the most important aspects of your birth team. We encourage our dads/partners to attend childbirth classes and even prenatal appointments so that everyone is on the same page. It is so important that moms have support for labor. It's even more important they have support from their partner. The involvement of fathers/partners as participants in birth promotes positive feelings and strengthens family bonds. For the partner, the birth is an enriching experience which promotes the first contact with the newborn.

One of the things we discuss with our families is the fact that during labor they are producing the same hormones they produced to make the baby, and it's extremely important to be in an environment that is relaxing, calm, and supportive. Also understanding that a natural birth takes way more support because it can be intense, long, and sometimes exhausting. Partners sometimes become discouraged and they can get tired and forget that the things happening is normal. If mom looks over at the partner and they seemed worried or upset that can directly affect her labor progress and emotional mental state.

Discussing options such as a Doula so that not only Mom has support but even the partner when they need a break or feel discouraged. Doulas are not meant to take the place of the partner but are there to help both have a smooth and enjoyable experience. The partner not only provides support but because of the love hormones they share, it helps the laboring mother relax and progress in labor. Working together during labor can be a beautiful bonding experience for a couple. Check out our Video on some more details on Support from The Partner!

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