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What do we Midwives do when we aren't at a birth?

Some wonder how it's all juggled and this question has been asked , which is a great one! As Midwives it's always our goal and passion to educate our clients. This is part of the care to empower families and prepare them for delivery.

We've always enjoyed educating and started doing this well before Natural BirthWorks was our baby.

Midwife Sandy, for those who don't know, was actually an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant ) before starting her own home birth practice and birthing center. Through her own company, My Mom Glow, she provides some amazing services such as:

-In-Home Lactation Consultation (depending on location) -In-Office Lactation Consultation-Virtual Consultations -Breastfeeding/Newborn Basics Class -How to have a healthy Postpartum -Pumping & Preparing Breast Milk Class

And she is a self published author of her book My Mothering Guide Book, Advice from a professional but most importantly a mom. Available on Amazon and Kindle Check her site out

Midwife Gelena started her own childbirth education series while in school because she enjoyed educating families on how to prepare for a natural birth. She offers a comprehensive childbirth class series monthly, created an awesome online course so women everywhere could access the information needed to achieve the birth they want, and is continuing her knowledge in Herbalism to provide extensive care to her clients even after delivery.

Check her full series out on and access the online course at

So aside from raising their kids, homeschooling, accounting and running about 2 companies each that is :) They love what they do but definitely have a lot going on behind the scenes.

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