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Did you know this about Medicaid?

Did you know that if you are on Medicaid and pregnant they offer something called OTC benefits (over the counter)?

OTC benefits is basically, $25 a month for you to use on many related care products such as: baby wipes calcium supplements Tylenol toothbrushes laundry detergent and soap Wouldn’t it be nice to save $25 a month for Vitamins and baby supplies? Some of these products can add up and take away from some other things you may want during your pregnancy. Being able to save on every day essentials can help you enhance your pregnancy & birth experience by hiring a birth photographer, a Doula & even a lactation Consultant to help you breastfeed your baby.

Make sure you utilize all of your benefits so you can focus on having a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy experience. Most pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS will have their products labeled OTC if it is covered under these benefits

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